Annotated Dialogues

Annotated Dialogues

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Reflecting is nice, but sometimes thinking on your own can feel like being stuck in an echo chamber. In the Annotated Dialogue, you team up with a friend and colleague who can help you think through making, writing and connecting. Use the Dialogue Prompts to get you talking, but don’t feel you have to stick to them. Record the conversation with either a video or audio recording device. Give each of you 15-20 minutes to be interviewed and if you’re both Makers, switch roles and do another round.

Once you have your dialogue recorded, you can upload it into an app or site like Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker, Vialogues or SoundCloud that you can then use to edit and annotate the conversation. Listen back through it the conversation and annotate the conversation with links, images, comments, etc. In this way, you’re doubling down on reflection!

A friendly colleague
A video or audio recording device
An annotation app or software like Mozilla’s Popcorn MakerVialogues or SoundCloud

P.S. Want to take reflection to the next level? This Make is one of three that you can make in order to Make a Case!

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