Hack this journal

Hack this journal

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This Make was created by Jeannie Bennett

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We’ve been discussing in the CLMOOC how the making we are doing connects to our writing process. I found a journal at a bookstore called “wreck this journal” and each page has a prompt for the person to do something on each page, whether it is taking the journal in the shower one day or drawing something. The idea is that every day is something creative, but also a little destructive, to make the journal the person’s own. In connection with our CLMOOC and hack cycle, I thought it would be a great collaborative make to remix this and call it “hack this journal.” Journals are private, but I’ve never understood them and have trouble writing in one. I thought we could each, using the comment section below, add a prompt for either writing, or drawing or in some other way hack a journal each day. We could pull prompts from the ds106 assignment bank or use the daily create for ideas, or just come up with our own. I bought a cheap journal for this purpose, but you could do it digitally too. We’d be “hacking” journals in different ways: by riffing off the “wreck this journal” idea by getting away from the idea of a journal as a pristine collection of thoughts, by getting away from the journal as a sort of rigid cultural model of private thoughts or experiences that are locked away, by getting away from the idea of a journal as totally private. This would be a making, hacking, dirty, creative collaborate project, and it could still stay private because we wouldn’t have to share our journal entries if we didn’t want to. We could explore, through this process, how writing (in all its forms) connects to our making in the CLMOOC.

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