Remix a friend in honor

Remix a friend in honor

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This Make was created by Karen Fasimpaur

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For CLMOOC 2016 Make Cycle 2, we are reciprocating with gratitude and finding new ways to connect by reciprocating with gratitude and generosity.

Inspired by Susan Watson, I am remixing the online media of various friends to honor them.

I did this by scanning their various online feeds (Twitter, blogs, Flickr, FB, etc.) and gathering up pictures and quotes I feel well represent the best of these people.

This make can be extended in a variety of multimedia forms. Try it, and post your examples here.


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  1. Susan van Gelder
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    Another connection I celebrate is +Susan van Gelder I first met Susan through the K12 Online Conference, which we both volunteer for. Susan and I have spent a lot of hours on Skype together! This year, Susan joined CLMOOC and fit right in with our community here. One of the surprises for me was that through this new connection, I learned things about Susan that I never knew before. I knew she was a prolific and talented photographer, but I didn't know she was also a great writer. I am happy to now have her blog in my "happy" feed…. Read more »

  2. Celebrating Algot Runeman
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    This week as I am celebrating connections, one that immediately comes to mind is +Algot Runeman Algot and I first met through our mutual interest in open educational resources. (Algot, was it the dictionary that first brought us together? Eight years ago or before that?) Algot was a massive contributor to our public domain dictionary, and as you may know, he is a word fanatic. Once when I was in Boston, Algot and I actually met f2f. We had a very nice seafood lunch. And this year, Algot joined CLMOOC. I have been so happy to see him connect with… Read more »

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