Maker’s Notes

Maker’s Notes

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Maker’s Notes are short reflective video or audio think aloud logs that you make on your own in order to think through a week’s experiences making, writing and connecting. You simply push record on a digital video or audio recorder, and then talk about making, writing and connecting from the week. Feel free to show items that you have been working on as you talk about them (if you are doing a video log) or attach images of makes and drafts. 

For inspiration, glance over the topics and questions on Maker’s Note Guide! Think aloud only about the topics and prompts you think are interesting or have been important to you as you have been making, writing and connecting this week. Push stop and, if you wish, publish the note on your own blog, in our G+ community or on Twitter.

P.S. Want to take reflection to the next level? This Make is one of three that you can make in order to Make a Case!


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  1. Making a Song
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    In the midst of writing a new song, I worked to document the process of how the words and music, and themes, were coming together. The result is an overlay of reflections as the song was being written.

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