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Make Log

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This Make was created by Anna Smith



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Document your on- and offline making activities, including makes-in-progress and even activity that “fails” to make! Document these processes however you’d like: take pictures, gather drafts, keep a log, video record your processes…the possibilities are nearly endless. Gather these digitally and organize them by Make Cycle or theme using tagging or folders. Then, post these logs to your blog, to our G+ community, or Twitter, or anywhere really. If you’d like, you can gather these and publish them in your own Digital Portfolio. Check out the Digital Portfolio Make in the Make Bank for more ideas!

P.S. Want to take reflection to the next level? This Make is one of three that you can make in order to Make a Case!

[Image: Some rights reserved by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML]


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4 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. CLMOOC Final Overview
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    A presentation with an overview of CLMOOC and main artifacts produced along the Cycles.

  2. Make Log for How to Live in a "Trinity" Rowhouse
       submitted by Christina Cantrill

    The recipe I used for my How to Live in a “Trinity” Row House Make.

  3. Make Log with ThingLink
       submitted by Sheri Edwards

    I took screenshots of makes from preCLMOOC 2014 and Summer 2013 added links to the blogposts about them to a text document. I organized the screenshots into a collage for another screenshot which I uploaded to thinglink and added links/texts to each area for a Make Log Portfolio to curate a few makes. I thought of the idea from Karen Fasimpaur’s portfolio http://clmoocmb.educatorinnovator.org/2014/assignments/clmooc-portfolio/

  4. Remixing the Sunday Comics as Political Commentary
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    This Make Activity is about taking the Sunday Comics, and remixing individual frames to tell a new story. Here, my Make become a commentary on standardized testing, as told through pieces of comics on a single Sunday. I also used ThingLink to add additional commentary.

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