Curate and Annotate

Curate and Annotate

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This Make was created by Stephanie West-Puckett

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When you remember the past six weeks of #clmooc, what stands out? Is there a text you’d like to return to? Perhaps it’s a Make With Me Hangout recording, a Twitter chat, a fabulous make, a newsletter, a response to a share, or a webinar. Re-read and use a tool like Vialogues, Youtube, Popcorn or Videonotes (videos), Soundcloud (audio), Diigo (web), Skitch, Thinglink or Flickr (photos), Google Comments or Voice Comments (documents), Jing or Screenjelly, Snagit, Screencast-o-matic (for voice-over screen capture), Explain Everything (iPad) or your favorite tool to annotate and comment. Show us why this text matters and how we might re-see it through your lens.


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2 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Curating CLMOOC Makes 1-5
       submitted by Nanci Werner-Burke

    This is my attempt to share my responses and contributions from the 5 cycles for the 2015 CLMOOC

  2. Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make
       submitted by Sheri Edwards

    Curation and Annotation of #clmooc: http://whatelse.edublogs.org/2013/07/30/curate-annotate-future-clmooc-final-make/ Thanks, Stephanie for encouraging this reflection.

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