Geolocate your space – 2015 Make Cycle #6

Geolocate your space – 2015 Make Cycle #6

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This Make was created by Cris Constantine (@friendlymonster), Megan O’Malley (@flynnernynner), Josh Reyes, Andrew Buttermilch, Nicolette Lloyd, Martin Christiansen, National Park Service; and Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax), Western Massachusetts Writing Project

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In this make that was a part of CLMOOC 2015, we invite you to get out of the house.

That’s right. Power down that laptop, grab your sneakers or walking shoes, and head on out into the Great Outdoors and continue to explore the public spaces that surround you. You may need to bring a camera or mobile device with you, so we acknowledge that you might not be completely technologically untethered.

This make is designed to encourage you to head outside to your local park, or greenway, or bike path, or museum, or library, or street corner, or wherever the public you are part of comes together, #FindYourPark and document that public space. The focus for this cycle is on the cultural, historical and/or environmental spaces of our communities.

One way to do this is by contributing to this Google Community Map project . This is a way for all of us to work together to create something special: a larger look at our world.

Beyond the map project, feel free to use this additional list of ideas to push into various directions.

Here are some additional resources that might be useful:

United States National Park Service

Flickr Collections with Creative Commons Licensing (re-mix! re-mediate! mash-up!)

Photo Editing

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