All systems go! – 2015 Make Cycle #4

All systems go! – 2015 Make Cycle #4

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This Make was created by Kim Douillard, Janet Ilko, Janis Jones, and Abby Robles San Diego Area Writing Project

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According to the dictionary, a system is “a group of interacting, interrelated, interdependent elements forming a complex whole.” There are many types of systems: human, behavioral, natural, technological, mechanical, mathematical, political, social, financial, transit, etc.

In this make, we invite you to document, analyze and reflect on the variety of systems that influence your life personally and/or professionally. Use your creativity to document an existing system, access your ingenuity to improve an existing system or use your imagination to develop a unique new system and design a novel way to explain it.

  • How can you document a system that serves a function in your life?
  • Can you add inflow to an already existing system in order to make it function more effectively?
  • Can you re(media)te a system in order to improve it?
  • What about a hack? Can you hack a system or “the system” to make it work for you in interesting new ways?
  • Can you create a new system to take the place of one that is no longer useful or has become obsolete?
  • Can you design an entirely new system for something that has yet to be imagined?

Systems can be explained using a variety of medium. Take a photograph, draw a diagram, create an infographic, draft a story, write a song, do an interpretive dance, create a recipe, make a “how to,” develop a prototype, continue to play with games….The possibilities are endless!

Below you will find some additional ideas to help you get started:

Additional Resources on Systems

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