Dear Data

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Not exactly a tutorial, but an incredible book and web site about two women who collected their personal data, hand drew representations of that data, and sent it to each other in the form of postcards.

Another Photo-to-Sketch App

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Pixlr is a mobile app that I use for most of my photo remixes. They also have a desktop app, but the mobile app is actually better. This make is straightforward:

1. Take photo with phone camera
2. Open in Pixlr
3. In "adjustments" (far left icon on bottom panel), push contrast all the way to the right and saturation all the way to the left. At each step click the check mark to apply the filter.
4. In "effect" (third icon on bottom panel), select "hagrid" and apply
5. Go to "stylize" and select "sketch"
6. Save 🙂

Share, print, color, enjoy