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This Make was created by Jaap Bosman

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Streetview, walking and taking pictures.
Nice way to learn to watch where you walk.
Take pictures while your are walking around.
Put the pictures together, and tell the story.
(The story could be fictional or factional, a short story or a 400-pager)
Write down something about the process of taking pictures and thinking about the story.
Some people may not take pictures of the street, the stones, but of the surroundings, or people, or letters, or … Some people prefer walking inside a building.
Tools: camera Olympus pen 14-42 mm lens. (any camera will do)
photo software Gimp, resize all photo’s to 125 x 94 (batch processing) and put them in a new frame with Gimp.
I did use same lens and camera configuration for all pictures.
Watch the traffic and be careful.


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  1. CLMOOC Stop Motion Street View
       submitted by Michael Buist

    Running along Hall Quarry Road in Mt. Desert, ME we stopped by the John Williams Boat Yard in Somesville. Here’s a street view of Shipwright Lane and my wife making her way up the road via stop motion.

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