Make a poem

Make a poem

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This Make was created by Karen Fasimpaur and others

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Make, hack, or remix a poem about anything that’s important to you. Could be simple text or any variety of multimedia extravaganza.

(Graphic and example courtesy of Kevin Hodgson.)


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6 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Poem Jungle at Calais
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    Poem of solidarity to migrants at Calais, refugees of african wars. The blockade and police repression that prevents them to get to UK, hoping for an opportunity to make a living.

  2. Poem «Shame on Europe»
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    Poem on the recent eurocrats decision towards GREXIT

  3. Palavras e Poesia (Words and Poetry)
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    This is an adaptation into portuguese of the Words Game by Margaret Simon – a group activity using word cards to write poetry.

  4. Poster Poem Homeless
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    A collage of images on homeless people made in Pixlr Express with a poem «Homeless» by Ida Brandão

  5. Poem Ricardo Reis
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    A poem, in english and portuguese, by Ricardo Reis (Fernando Pessoa) presented in Emaze app.

  6. Ezra Pound's poem
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    A collage with Ezra Pound's poem In a Station of the Metro

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