Make a curiosity conversation

Make a curiosity conversation

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As a way to both connect and celebrate, conduct a Curiosity Conversation with a peer. Perhaps there is someone whose work you find inspiring or somebody who has talked about a hobby that interests you, or someone who teaches something you want to know more about. Or maybe there is a CLMOOC-er who just seems fascinating, funny, and like an all-around decent human being. Whatever attracts you to the person, make some time to connect and learn more about him or her. You can conduct this conversation via Google Hangout or Skype, or by recording a phone conversation, or even via email, Twitter, Voxer, Google Slides or another favorite social media platform that allows you to  record the conversation.

Once you’ve had your conversation, consider ways of sharing what you learned: what were the highlights? the questions raised? the ideas worth amplifying? Try some audio editing, via a tool like Soundtrap. Post the audio to a platform like Soundcloud. Or craft a visual/poster/postcard of your favorite statements. Or create a short video to accompany the audio. Or all of the above!

Here are some helpful directions I’ve used in my teaching: Curiosity Conversation Directions, Curiosity Conversation Editing & Blogging


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  1. A student example of a Curiosity Conversation
       submitted by admin

    Recorded on her phone, edited in Soundtrap, uploaded to Soundcloud and Blogger

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  1. How to have curiosity conversations
       submitted by Institute of Curiosity

    This page gives 3 steps to having curious conversations in all aspects of your life.

  2. Getting started with Google Hangouts
       submitted by Team CLMOOC

    Google Hangouts is a powerful and easy-to-use video teleconferencing feature in Google +. You will likely encounter invites and see links to join Hangouts. This page will help you know what you’re clicking into and also provide you some support with getting oriented in a Hangout and even starting your own Hangout.

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