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This Make was created by Christopher Butts and Rachel Bear

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For the first Make Cycle of CLMOOC 2014, we are exploring the wonderful world of How To guides.

How Tos are everywhere and available for all kinds of topics.  We even found a How to Write a How to Guide!

We also welcome remixes to the How To format.  This  week’s co-facilitators, Chris Butts and Rachel Bear, made a How To be them as a form of introduction.

For this first Make Cycle, we focus our thinking and reflection around the ways in which How To Guides can be used to share who we are and what things we are good at. You might be thinking, “What if I am not good at anything?” We would disagree.  We believe that everyone knows how to do or how to be something!  And there is no limit to what you could create a How To guide for. Search the web or visit your local library and find How To guides ranging from How to Tie a Tie to How to Be Happy.

When you think about it, How To guides themselves are in line with the Principles of Connected Learning: people create and access them based on interest, there is a shared purpose in that people are creating a community where people can learn how to do or be anything they want to, it’s production centered in that they are usually guides to making or doing and each guide is peer supported because you’re teaching someone else or learning from someone.
For this make cycle, we invite you to Make a How to Be! We would love to have you choose something that introduces who you are, but it can be anything.  It could be How to be you, How to be a specific type of hobbyist (backpacker, quilter, gamer, etc.), How to be a resident of your city, anything goes!

Whatever you make, please post it below as an example to share with others. You can also post to the CLMOOC G+ community.


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19 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. How to be a Summer Swim Team Mom
       submitted by Laura Robertson

    A Haiku Deck I made as part of Makecycle 1 about how to be a swim team mom!

  2. How to…Read the Sunday Paper
       submitted by Rose-Anne Vigilante

    Nothing says Sunday like a super-sized newspaper. Make the most of staying informed with this handy how-to.

  3. How to Prevent Plagiarism
       submitted by Matthew Luskey

    This is a haiku deck that covers five tips for preventing plagiarism.

  4. Mrs. Schroeder: Return to the Classroom
       submitted by Kristin Schroeder

    This is my Zeega on how to return to the classroom for CLMOOC Week 1, 2014.

  5. How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Without Being Held
       submitted by Becky Tussey

    This How To guide is an experiment in Piktochart and a description of the mental and emotional processes of a new mother whose child is having difficulty sleeping. Part catharsis, part practical advice, part sarcasm.

  6. How to Use a Manual Typewriter
       submitted by Suzanne Linder

    Guide to using a manual typewriter, created using thinglink.

  7. How to make virtual conference attendance count
       submitted by Maha

    My tips for making the best of virtual conferences. More available on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54III6FFcYQ

  8. How to Be Creative
       submitted by Mindy A. Early

    Sometimes it’s hard to create or feel creative when the nagging voice of doubt feels louder than the voice of inspiration. How to Be Creative is a fluid series of tips loosely structured to follow the journey of the creative process for any discipline, compiled with the ultimate goal of helping artists of all disciplines free themselves of that nagging voice.

  9. How to create a learning community in your first classs session
       submitted by Maha

    Tip for creating community in your first class session (with disclaimer)

  10. How to Make Happy Susan
       submitted by Susan McMichael

    This is a brief self introduction to the CLMOOC community through the use of Glogster. Happy summer, everyone!

  11. How to Be A Viking
       submitted by Michael Weller

    This is my “How To” make for the first Make Cycle. I describe how to become a member of the community at my teaching site, the home of the Vikings. I used Hackpad to create the page (hat tip to Terry Elliot for sharing Hackpad).

  12. How to Host a Google Hangout on Air for Distance Learners
       submitted by Carol Hartmann, MLIS, MST, MVCR/ION MOT

    I created this Google Site and curated this page as a participant in ILEAD USA 2013 (Innovative Libraries Explore Apply and Discover 2013) Team Oasis Outreach Activities Streaming Innovative Services. My role was to represent Distance Learners in Academic Libraries and explore three innovative services: Virtual Office Hours, LIve Screenshare Tutoring, and Hangouts with Subject Experts to discuss Digital Literacy in the Disciplines. I currently teach Library Technical Assistants online and have a strong interest in curating Open Educational Resources for Open Textbooks. After discovering Inkling Habit for the Android platform and Book.Ry Tools for IOS, I came away thinking… Read more »

  13. Making Learning Connected
       submitted by JoLynne Walz Martinez

    Includes my “How to Be a Novice Teacher Who Assigns “How To” Writing Assignments to Her Students”

  14. How to Behave Like a Swede
       submitted by eduToolkit

    We were asked to use a How to guide as a form of introduction to the CLMOOC community, so I thought you should all know “How to Behave Like a Swede”. Enjoy!

  15. How To Make Chris Butts (an introduction)
       submitted by Christopher Butts

    This document is a recipe for preparing one Chris Butts. Results may vary.

  16. How to be an English teacher cover
       submitted by Rachel Bear

    Being an English Teacher for Dummies book cover  

  17. How to help save the environment
       submitted by Christopher Butts and Rachel Bear

    Check out this cool wiki that is “trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything.”

  18. How to introduce yourself in Finnish
       submitted by Christopher Butts and Rachel Bear

    Learn to introduce yourself in Finnish with our Finnish in Three Minutes series! from FinnishPod101.com

  19. How to curl your hair (a non-example)
       submitted by Christopher Butts and Rachel Bear

    This is a non-example “Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong” from Tori Locklear

2 Tutorials Created for this Make

  1. Explainer Tip: Writing an Explainer Video Script
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    Some tips from Common Craft. Useful for a video script or any explanatory writing I think. “One of the best ways to work towards an understandable message is to write an explanation. The simple act of writing with the intent to explain has amazing power.”

  2. How to write a how to guide
       submitted by Christopher Butts and Rachel Bear

    A step-by-step guide on writing a how to guide from Chris Pirillo

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