Cut Out Pics Summaries

Cut Out Pics Summaries

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Digital Learning Day is February 5th.

Our Task: Cut-0ut Pics for your current projects in content areas, such as In-the-News Articles Projects to participate in #make4DLDay by the National Writing Project.

Our Goal: RI 2 Provide an objective summary of the text, including supporting ideas.


1. With your project team, create cut-out characters from to represent your article.
a. Sketch
b. Outline in black with some color
c. Cut out.

Example: My article: “JSYK: Score! Training Tips from Super Athletes” p2 Sept. 2013 Scholastic Choices

2. Decide and write what is the most important message / summary of your article.

My Article Summary:

Because we need at least one hour of moderate or vigorous exercise every day, super athletes like Evan Longoria, Swin Cash, and Amanda Beard suggest these tips to find time for exercise to “keep your game:: 1) Evan says do stretches while standing in the lunch line; 2) Swin suggests cross-training to work different muscles; and 3) Amanda encourages visualization of your finished workout to push you “off the couch!”

3. Now, place your cut-out on a prop in the room for a snapshot that will represent your summary / theme. Each team member should create a scene for an important part of your summary.

4. Write a catchy title that summarizes your summary!

My Title: Wherever You Are — Train!

5. On your computer, insert your image into a Keynote slide and add your title and summary. Arrange the text and image in a pleasing layout with correct spelling. Cite your source: Title of Magazine, Month, Year, Page.

6. Export the image from Keynote: Go to File –> Export –> Image —> Best Quality.

You will be asked to title it: choose one that fits your article and image.
Mine is JSYKExercise.jpg

7. Upload your images to your blog. Use your title and include #make4DLDay in the title. Include in the body post: image, summary, and conclusion that connects the summary and the image. Include appropriate title, sources, tags, categories.

Tags: #make4DLDay, #dlday, your code name, your topic

Categories: Your class, #dlday #make4dlday, Reading Information, Reading Key Ideas and Details, Writing Organization, Word Choice, Ideas

How well did you: [ scale 1 2 3 4; 3 mastery; 4 extra mile ]
Rate and justify.

Digital Learning
___ Using cut-out representing character from article, take its photo with classroom prop to continue the theme of the article summary. Create an image with relevant title to summarize the summary; include formatted summary, image, title, and source.

__ Blog with image, summary, and conclusion that connects the summary and the image. Include appropriate title, sources, tags, categories.

___ Titles: __ image __ blog
___ Summary
___ Conclusion
___ Format
___ Image
___ Source
___ Tags
___ Categories

___ RI Cite Evidence
___ RI 2 Determine main idea/supporting details; Write objective summary
___ W8 Quote or paraphrase the data and/or conclusions
___ W9b Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. Apply reading standards to nonfiction.
___ W5 With some guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach, focusing on how well purpose and audience have been addressed. (Editing for conventions)
___ W6 Produce and Publish writing; cite sources

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