Make a map

Make a map

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One way to explore the learning principles of Connected Learning this week is to make a map. Though the possibilities are endless, here are a few to consider:

Map important learning or your #clmooc experience so far

If learning is a journey, where has it taken you? Where did you begin? Where are you now? When have you charted undiscovered country? When have you bumped into a border? How does making helping your learning journey move forward or into new ground?

(Prezi is just one tool you might consider playing with in mapping your learning.)

Create a literal map and use it to tell a story

What is the connection between place and story? When is a map integral to a memory, or vital to a memoir? How does the physical place you inhabit impacts your making and learning?

(Google is just one tool you might consider using to create a map to tell a story.)

Map important connections

What are some of the important connections you have made in your Personal Learning Network, in #clmooc, or even in your local writing project? What do the connections you make look like and how do they support your learning and your making?

(Cacoo is just one tool you might consider to create a concept map or diagram.)

OR… Go on a learning walk

What can you learn from the places around you? Mary Ann Riley’s blog post, Being in the Middle: Learning Walks, shares her vision for an experimental approach to rhizomatic learning with students that involves walking, seeing, recording and learning.

What might you create on a walk in the places around you?

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