A Template for “The Alphabetical Me”

A Template for “The Alphabetical Me”

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This Make was created by Jennifer Denslow



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For my introduction in Make Cycle 1/2016, I used an alphabet image I created in Powerpoint presentation┬áto create a “thinglink” at thinglink.com. Making the alphabet part took a little time, so I thought it was worth saving. I can imagine using it in a variety of ways: having students use it to create a digital reading log of books they’ve read or even as a springboard for their own introductions in class.

I am posting two versions of the image for anyone who might be interested in using them. The first, “The Alphabetical Me” Pattern, is a Google Slide with all the boxes and letters ungrouped so anyone can use it to change colors, fonts, or shapes easily. The second, “The Alphabetical Me Grouped” has all the letters and shapes locked. Both can be edited in Google Slides or downloaded into PPT if that’s your thing

You can find the pattern at https://goo.gl/htTVba
The grouped version is at https://goo.gl/3lU9cI

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