Warrior Knights of Digital Citizenship

Warrior Knights of Digital Citizenship

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Knights Code of Honor
You are a knight, a warrior. You are a defender and a protector of your community members and yourself.
Knights have a system of values that include traits of honor, loyalty, respect, courtesy, and courage.
It is time for you to define your own CODE OF HONOR.
How will you conduct yourself in the online communities of the world?

1. Create a Google doc that is YOUR personal code of honor for digital life.
2. Write it from your perspective (“I will…”).
3. Be sure to address:

Privacy: Respecting the privacy of others online.
Self-Expression and Identity: Presenting yourself in an honest and genuine way in the online world.
Connected Culture: Treating others in a kind and respectful manner, and avoiding cyberbullying.
Respecting Creative Work: Giving credit to others and/or asking their permission when you use their work as part of your own.

4. Create either a Coat of Arms OR a Heraldic Flag with Google Drawing that identifies you as a knight and exemplifies your online code of honor.
6. Make sure to cite any clipart or images used in your design.
7. Add the image to your doc.

Coat of Arms Generator

Heraldry Symbols and Meanings


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