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This Make was created by Jeannie Bennett



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I brought up the idea of a “vine-off” because a lot of people are using Vine and running with it on the Google + CLMOOC and I thought it would be a fun collaborative “make” for all of us to use Vine and submit a video in a challenge. Karen Fasimpaur brought up the idea of submitting a make here, and then everyone could submit a different challenge in the comment box. The first challenge, for tomorrow, is to make your “monday morning” story. [Note: Please tag this one #vineoffmonday …and include a tag for any challenges you submit so we can all find them. And don’t forget to post your examples here.]


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3 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Vineoff Monday
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    Wake up and a vine from on the road

  2. Wake-up walk
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    #vineoffmonday wake-up walk – vine for #clmooc

  3. My Monday Morning
       submitted by Helen Blunden

    Here’s my Monday morning – coffee – busy workplace – answering emails

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