Using Canva to Introduce Anything

Using Canva to Introduce Anything

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This Make was created by Terry Elliott



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Canva is a tool for creating graphics of all kind: pinterest-style, social media graphs, posters, presentation slides, twitter headers, facebook covers… I am using it to help promote #clmooc, to introduce it in an image friendly way. You can easily imagine many ways to introduce yourself and others with Canva. I wish it was open source, but it isn’t.

As for instructions? Well…it is sign up and follow your nose letting any purpose be your guide. It is easy to play on the site and easier still to share what you make. In an era of copyright madness, it is good to be able to make your own image laden digital objects to share.

If you need help, just let me know at terry dot elliott at gmail dot come or @telliowkuwp


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