The Podcast Workflow Challenge

The Podcast Workflow Challenge

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This Make was created by Terry Elliott

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I challenge you to make a solution to this problem: what are the best workflows for creating a podcast?

The problem is worded rather broadly and it is also meant to provoke other challenges like, “What is the best workflow for annotating pdf’s?” or “What workflow works best for organizing your day?”

I love productivity processes and seeing how others solve everyday problems. Admittedly, the best workflows are often idiosyncratic, but I am not too proud to borrow all or part of someone’s workflow solution. Sometimes the shortest path to the solution will not solve the problem to your liking or perhaps you like a particular tool, but it adds some extra steps. All solutions are worth considering.

Your answer might look like this: iPadio–>Soundcloud. That would be a very much on-the-fly podcast. Or it might be a more polished version like you find here: http://imake.gg/2013/01/16/podcasting-workflow/. Your response can be text, pix, graphics, audio, video, or all together. You can submit your answer on your own blog, on the #CLMOOC, on Twitter (#podcastworkflow) or here on this Google Form: http://tinyurl.com/podcastchallenge
You can also view the responses here: http://tinyurl.com/podcastworkflow


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