The adventures of chalkboard man

The adventures of chalkboard man

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This Make was created by Jeannie Bennett



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Chalkboard man wants to come visit you! Chad Sansing commented that my vines of Chalkboard man’s antics were like “an ongoing graphic novel.” Let’s write that graphic novel together! I will mail chalkboard man to you, and you can take a video or a picture, or make a stop motion, or anything else, of Chalkboard man’s adventures with you. To sign up, go to the google doc and enter your name and your city/state. I will map Chalkboard man’s route, and then re-order the list so we know who he is visiting and in what order. I mail him to the first person on the list, and chalkboard man can stay with that person for 3-4 days, and then that person goes to the google doc and finds the next person on the list, and emails or private messages them for their address, and sends Chalkboard man on. Post your pictures of Chalkboard man to Flickr and your videos to YouTube, or some other platform, making sure to use the hashtags #chalkboardman and #clmooc or something similar, and cross-post to the examples below! Be sure to sign up soon, as I will map his route on Tuesday 6/2/13 and send him out on Wednesday. If you want to join after that, it’s okay, I’ll just add you to the bottom of the list!

you can find the google doc here:



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