Stop Motion video

Stop Motion video

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A number of us in clmooc are doing stop motion videos, and others are interested in trying. Why not try yourself? Some have done it with the toy hack, but it could be done with anything and for any purpose.

Here’s a nice blog post that gives a few useful resources on making stop motion video:http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/2013/06/24/webmaker-making-stopmotion-movies/#.UcgdppzWcPg.twitter

One easy way to make a stop motion video is to take a series of still photos and then put them together in a movie making program like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Or here are a few apps for doing it:

Jellycam: http://www.ticklypictures.com/shop/jellycam/

Blog post: Making Stopmotion movies: http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/2013/06/24/webmaker-making-stopmotion-movies/#.UcgdppzWcPg.twitter

Stop Animator (IOS app):https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stop-animator/id494803047

iMotion (IOS app):https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imotion-hd/id421365625

Frameographer (IOS app): http://www.studioneat.com/products/frameographer


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11 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Off Road Jelly – A Stop Motion Video Experiment
       submitted by Ian O'Byrne

    An experiment in stop-motion video using iStopMotion & iMovie on the iPad. Video segments taken from videos created with my 3 year-old son. Some video clips also attributed to Metal Heart (https://vimeo.com/23171180).

  2. Icord wound up and out
       submitted by Sue Stinson

    Stop Motion video created for #clmooc, July 2013. In the spirit of “making”, I learned how to make an I-cord (knitting with double ended needles), designed a storyboard of what I wanted the cord to do, photographed the cord and placed it to music, on on Windows Movie Maker.

  3. Summer Reading
       submitted by Kay McGriff

    Summer Reading – a stop motion video for CMOOC 2013

  4. The Heart Wants What It Wants
       submitted by Jennifer Deslow

    A short stop motion movie for #clmooc 2013.

  5. T-Rex vs Pony
       submitted by Joe Dillon

    T-Rex vs Pony Staring Hailey as Pinkie Pie and Joe as T-Rex

  6. Pigs Fly
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    An experiment in toy hacking and stop motion with the #clmooc

  7. Fruit stop motion
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    Fruit moving around a table; done by manually capturing frames and stringing them together into a video

  8. Toy Hack
       submitted by Scott Glass

    From out of the depths, it’s the DoomStroyer. He’s got a shark for a car and anarchy on his mind. So put the kids to bed, hide the good dishes, and prepare to rock.

  9. The Many and the One
       submitted by Susan Angel

    I hacked my 1993 art school project with stop motion.

  10. CLMOOC Stop Motion Street View
       submitted by Michael Buist

    Running along Hall Quarry Road in Mt. Desert, ME we stopped by the John Williams Boat Yard in Somesville. Here’s a street view of Shipwright Lane and my wife making her way up the road via stop motion.

  11. Thank You notes
       submitted by Amanda Hedrick

    Stop motion video made with iMotion app #CLMOOC

1 Tutorial Created for this Make

  1. Making Stopmotion Movies
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    Making movies has never been easier. The wide availability of mobile devices, computers, and inexpensive software options (as well as free Open Source tools and Apps) means that filmmaking can be the domain of just about anyone with a vision of a story and the desire to create. Stopmotion movies and its offshoot — claymation — hold a special appeal for moviemakers of all ages. There is something magical about the way an inanimate object can seemingly come to life. This kit is designed to provide the framework for creating your own stopmotion movies.

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