Six Image Memoir

Six Image Memoir

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This Make was created by Kevin Hodgson



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The five-image story concept led to a six-image memoir in the CLMOOC as we thought about to represent one’s self via six images. This connects back to the earlier work with avatars, too. In essence, you find six images that represent how you see yourself. The six images could be aspects of personality, or they could connect together to create a visual interpretation of a Six Word Memoir. Pull them together into a collage/mosaic, or maybe into a digital story. Narrate, if interested, or let the images speak to who you are.


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2 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Six Image Memoir
       submitted by Margaret Simon

    Here is my six image memoir of myself. I am a wife, mother, teacher, reflecting on life and trying to love the best I know how.

  2. 10 shoe memoir
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    I’m not really a huge shoe person, but I realize that during various parts of my life, the shoes I have worn most of the time say a lot about my priorities.

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