Screencast with Quicktime and YouTube

Screencast with Quicktime and YouTube

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Screencast with Quicktime Player Directions

  1. Open Quicktime Player.
  2. Under File click New Screen Recording.
  3. Once it opens click the red dot. It will open a gray bar that lets you choose to record one window or the whole screen. Choose either.
  4. Begin moving your mouse and talking (it records noises from the room).
  5. Click the round black button that has appeared in the top of your screen.

YouTube Directions:

  1. Open your YouTube account.
  2. By your account name and picture in the top right corner, click Upload Video.
  3. As it is uploading, I like to pick Unlisted so that only those I give the URL address to can view the video, but embedding in a blog is still available to me. This is entirely your preference though. You can also fill out a description and choose if you want to have comments at this time as well.
  4. Once the video is uploaded, open up Enhancements or Audio if you want to add a visual or musical score to the background. You can also pick Annotations, which are great for a screencast.
  5. If you want to add annotations, click Annotations. Play the video and when you’d like to have additional text playing over the video, click +Add Annotation. You can choose a type of annotation and customize its color and timing, etc.
  6. Click Publish.
  7. I like to do a test run with the videos URL before posting to a site.

Post and done!


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