Re-purposed fishing poles as curtain rods, with tulle ribbons and seashell valance

Re-purposed fishing poles as curtain rods, with tulle ribbons and seashell valance

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This Make was created by Mary Ellen B


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items needed:
2 fishing poles (for the span I needed)
rolls of tulle ribbon (in your choice of colors)
2 seashells, starfish and/ or sand dollars for each strip of ribbon
low temp hot glue & glue gun
waxed paper

BEFORE CUTTING RIBBON OR GLUING: On rod brackets, place poles in desired position to reach the correct span and tie together (I used twist ties in several places along the length of the poles). Measure desired length of valance from top of curtain rod. On a hard, flat work surface, lay poles down so you can decide the placement of the ribbons/shells.

Plug in glue gun, set aside in safe area. Lay waxed paper out in the length of the pole. On the waxed paper lay out seashells, starfish, and sand dollars in desired location, using photo as a reference. Cut ribbon to double the length of the valance, adding an inch or so for the loop. Fold the ribbon in half to desired length of valance, separating the ends so as not to overlap the ribbon, and place vertically next to shells. Working quickly, place a small glob of glue on the SHELL and gently push the glued side of the shell into the end of each ribbon, being careful not to allow the glue to touch the other ribbon (or your fingers). Allow one hour for cooling/drying of glue BEFORE looping ribbons onto curtain rod. Loop over rod using a Larkshead Knot, arranging ribbons so that the shells are facing the desired direction. Hang rod back on brackets and you’re done.


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