My 10-Book Memoir

My 10-Book Memoir

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This Make was created by Chad Sansing

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Use Mozilla’s Webmaker remix tool Thimble to create your own version of a 10-Book Memoir web page. Gather the last 10 books you read (or games you played or tags from flowers you planted) or the last 10 things you hacked or made. Take a picture and share it online so you can grab its URL (or web address). Then visit the 10-Book Memoir template at https://thimble.webmaker.org/p/lazp/. Change the picture and quotes, as well as anything else about the page you want to mess around with while you’re there. Hit publish to see your new version of the page without “hurting” the template. Share your work widely as an introduction or prompt for reflection and even consider writing a process piece for your blog!


Adapted from:
The National Writing Project “6-Word Memoir” Thimble template


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  1. My 10 picture memoir
       submitted by Jeannie Bennett

    I wanted to share photos of my family’s trip to the “windmill museum” but had a lot of trouble with all the different platforms, between my android phone, the iPad and my PC. Chad Sansing suggested a webpage make and gave me some ideas and pointed me to Mozilla’s Thimble. I picked one that was already done and remixed it. Adapted from: https://webmaker.makes.org/thimble/photo-album

  2. What I look for (remix of Chad’s memoir)
       submitted by Melissa Techman

    I changed Chad’s memoir using thimble to show an image and new text on a new topic: metal men and muffler sculptures!

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