Make your own pop-up book

Make your own pop-up book

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For my #toyback, I decided to hack a book. Specifically, I took a conventional children’s book and made it into a pop-up book.

Here were some resources I found useful:

Not being artistic, I made color copies of illustrations in the book and used those to make the pop-up cutouts. I pasted the copies onto cardboard and then did the cutouts as per the first two links above.


And here’s the vine version:

(I am a huge fan of handwritten letters and cards. Guess what kind of card everyone’s getting in the mail? :)


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  1. How to Make Your Own Pop-Up Books from eHow
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    “Artists have been creating pop-up books for many years. Historians trace the first pop-up books back to the 13th century. These books have been used to make astrology predictions, tell fortunes and demonstrate stories. Many individuals are interested in creating their own pop-up books but aren’t sure where to start. Here’s how to make your own pop-up books.”

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