Make your Avatar as an introduction in #clmooc

Make your Avatar as an introduction in #clmooc

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This Make was created by Jaap Bosman



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Everyone now has an opportunity to make an avatar. Making an avatar is a fun way of introduction for new students and teachers. And for participants in a Mooc.

I would like you all to make an avatar (please do a search on Internet to learn more about avatars and how to make them) You could paint, use textile or any material (and make a photo of it), or use a computer program.

You are encouraged to support and to help each other.

It will help us if you could write a text on the process of making and / or on the meaning of your avatar.

Make an avatar that can be used in the next months.

Publish your avatar in your blog, or Twitter or in a Facebook group on this MOOC.

And put your avatar in your contact info in Google+

Let us know when you are ready.

I do this avatar-make in new groups and classes and students really like it. And it helps them to get to know each other in the group. And I do learn their names very quick. 😉


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2 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Gami Augmented Reality Vid
       submitted by Michelle Stein

    Tellagami is a an app that allows you to place an avatar (created within the app) into a photo that you have taken. You then record your message which the avatar speaks.

  2. Dopple Me Avatar
       submitted by Cindy Cordeiro

    Create an #Avatar using DoppleMe.com. It’s a free site that creates avatars of your choosing. I thought it was easy & fun to create an avatar with a likeness of my real self.

1 Tutorial Created for this Make

  1. 15 Free Safe AVATAR Creators
       submitted by Cindy Cordeiro

    A post with 15 different ways to make an avatar

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