“Lotus Sun” fused glass bowl

“Lotus Sun” fused glass bowl

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This Make was created by Mary Ellen Banfield



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Some previous knowledge of working with glass (cutting, shaping, etc.) and with fusing glass is needed to make something like this project.

This bowl was made by first fusing together three layers of fusible glass into a flat sheet–including cutting the design elements and placement between layers–heating it in a kiln of approximately 1500º F, and cooled. Once the flat sheet of glass had cooled, it was placed over a form–in this case a sizable rock from my garden–which had been treated with kiln wash (which keeps the molten glass from sticking to the rock and other materials).

The glass will begin to soften and take on the shape of the form, or whatever is below it (the rock) settling where gravity takes it. The glass will eventually cool and can be removed from the form, washed, and used for food, or as a decorative sculpture.

The video “how to” is for making a fused glass bowl using a ceramic form, but the principle is similar, though my bowl was created upside down with the base of the bowl on top of the form and the sides cascade down with gravity. Turn OFF the sound on the video, unless you want to hear ONLY music. There are captions describing the process.


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