Infographics Unit 8 Grade

Infographics Unit 8 Grade

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This Make was created by Amy Cody Clancy



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This unit is a rough day by day of an infographics instructional unit for grade 8 Writing. The goal is for students to examine infographics, determine what they are and are not, and to perform a mini-research project in order to create an infographic.

Infographic Unit – Grade 8 Writing

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4 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. Camera Care Tips
       submitted by Cindy Cordeiro

    4 Tips on taking care of your camera, specifically your lens.

  2. Did You Catch That?
       submitted by Cindy Cordeiro

    An #inforgraphic about Capturing Motion in Photos using manual setting on your camera.

  3. Infographic for Ethnography Plan
       submitted by Christopher Butts

    This is my first attempt at an infographic. It is a concept map for a mini-ethnography project i want to lead a team of instructional coaches through, so we can learn about teaching in different contexts. License: CC BY NC

  4. karen and CLMOOC
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    This was an infographic I made to show how I participated in the first round of CLMOOC.

2 Tutorials Created for this Make

  1. Easel.ly Tutorial
       submitted by Mallory McNeal

    Step by step detailed instructions on the features of Easel.ly

  2. Piktochart- How to Create an Infographic
       submitted by Mallory McNeal

    Quick video of features to create infographics on Piktochart

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