How to Zeega!

How to Zeega!

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This Make was created by Terry Elliott



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I have created this Blendspace ‘lesson plan’ as a suggestion for those in #CLMOOC right now to collaborating on whatever they wish to feedforward into the near, mid, and far term. Embedded here are directions and resources for creating Zeegas. Even better I have also made this a collaborative space. Very recently, Blendspace was bought and folded into Wikispaces and TES. Part of that deal made the collaborative part of Blendspace free! Now you can edit and fix and renew and remix and add to the Zeega project below by using this link: https://www.blendspace.com/lessons/VdVdQa4Uu95epg/collab/TYAEmuVwjcMVctXxvoJSlTpknmiBhREs/register

What the addition of Blendspace and collaboration amount to is a self-renewing, self-revising space for how to zeega. As folks collaborate there is no need to change anything on the make bank only in the third party digital space. I love self-fixing stuff.


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