How to Make with Thinglink

How to Make with Thinglink

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This Make was created by Mia Zamora



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Thinglink” is a useful free application for creating interactive stories. It allows the user to visualize a “suite” of related ideas that also come together to represent a unified concept. When you use Thinglink, you choose one visual representation, and then identify “nodes” on that image in order to hyperlink those nodes to other media.

I used this app for Make Cycle #1 (2014) in order to create a more conceptual “How to….”. I have been thinking about creativity a lot lately – how to nurture it, and how to live by it. Thinglink was a perfect way to represent my understanding of “HOW TO CATCH THE SPARK IN YOU”.


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  1. Teaching and Learning in the Digital Terrain
       submitted by Helen DeWaard

    This is a ThingLink image from work done for Media Smarts in Canada. This outlines the teaching and learning landscape for digital technologies. Some links are relevant to Canadian contexts, but are of general interest to teachers in global spaces. The full report is posted on the MediaSmarts site at http://mediasmarts.ca/sites/mediasmarts/files/publication-report/full/mapping-digital-literacy.pdf

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