How to Be Video with PowToon

How to Be Video with PowToon

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Difficulty: 4  (1 = easy, 5 = hard)

This Make was created by Barb Montfort



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You can make an animated video using PowToon. PowToon has a few versions. The free and education versions have a logo in the bottom corner and limit the ways you can share and download. I haven’t found it to be a limitation for educational use. I gave this a difficulty rating of 4 because it has a learning curve. Once you figure out how to move and adjust the various factors, it is not difficult, just easy to lose hours of time fiddling with it.


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  1. Interview with MOOCer
       submitted by Ida Brandão

    A dialogue about MOOCs, with viewpoints on experiences and participation in MOOCs, in Powtoon

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