Handmade, Zero Waste Halloween Costumes

Handmade, Zero Waste Halloween Costumes

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Every year millions of kids get dressed up for Halloween. Instead of using their own creativity to design, tailor and execute a costume themselves, they default to store bought costumes.

Halloween represents an authentic, interest driven design opportunity for all kids.
We can guide them on a path to creating their own costumes that harness their creativity and build their confidence.
2013 marks the 2nd annual Cardboard Costume Challenge which is an online event featuring costume ideas and tutorials. It’s also a showcases for creative, low to no waste costumes that are entirely handmade. Think only robot costumes are made out of cardboard? Seriously?

Global Cardboard Play Day, an extension of Caine’s Arcade take’s place October 6th, 2013. It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to be introduced to working with cardboard and build along-side their peers. The cardboard Halloween costume natural extension of play day, and gives kids an authentic opportunity to then design and build with cardboard on their own.

Cardboard is a free recyclable material. I believe it is one of the most equal opportunity of all materials because of its wide availability and low/no cost. Halloween is a fun, engaging design opportunity, that we shouldn’t pass up with our kids. Put these 2 concepts together and you get a Green, Design Think Halloween, that is more meaningful, and respectful of our planet and our future.

For more information: http://thecardboardcollective.com/cardboard-costume-challenge/


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