Hack A Webpage

Hack A Webpage

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This Make was created by Kevin Hodgson

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When we talk about making meaning, one way to think about it is to have over media and information. For many, particularly young people, online experiences often mean passive consumption. Mozilla’s Webmaker tool — Hackasuarus XRay Goggles — allows user to “hack and remix” websites and recreate the message being distributed. Don’t like what you see? Change it. Make it better. The Webmaker tool creates an “overlay” of the hacked site (the original site does not get affected) and XRay Goggles offers the option to publish the hack to the Web, which can then be remixed by others. If you’ve ever wanted to change the message of a news site or organization to better reflect your vision of the world, tap into XRay Goggles and hack away.


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