Create Your Own Error Message

Create Your Own Error Message

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Use this site to generate your own “error message” image. Discovered this via @sensor63 and Victoria Siemer’s work here: http://t.co/rqgDdEZH0n.

I would recommend that you

1. Go to Google and search images for “Error messages”.
2. Go to Atom Smasher here: http://atom.smasher.org/error/
3. Find a worthwhile error message and adapt it on Atom Smasher’s site.
4. Save the image by right clicking and “Save Image As”. Give it a name, save it, and then use it in blog posts, G+ posts, twitter pix, or create your very own badge of error.
5. Also look at Victoria Siemer’s work to get a feel for how she creates her memehacks.


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