Create participant map for CLMOOC

Create participant map for CLMOOC

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This Make was created by Daniel Bassill



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the registration for the Jan-Mar 2013 ETMOOC a map was created showing where participants are located. http://etmooc.org/blog/2013/01/05/visualization-of-registration/ A similar map could be made showing CLMOOC participants during upcoming activities. The ETMOOC map was made by uploading an excel spreadsheet into http://www.mapalist.com. However, a Google map could also be created if someone knows how to do that. I think that during upcoming discussions many uses of maps will be shared.

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I learned about this when I registered for www.etmooc.org. However, I’ve been engaged with mapping for nearly 20 years.


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  1. 2014 CLMOOC participant map
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    Making Connected Learning MOOC 2014 Welcome to the Map. Here at CLMOOC, we love maps of all kinds – learning maps, community maps, timeline maps. Maps. They’re cool. We’re hoping you “pin yourself” geographically to this CLMOOC map. Consider sharing THREE ADJECTIVES to DESCRIBE YOU AS A LEARNER as part your map pin. (Here’s how you pin yourself: first, use zoom feature — lower left — to find where you are located in the world. Next, use the pin tool — it looks like an upside down raindrop, just under the search engine bar — and drag it to your… Read more »

  2. 2013 CLMOOC participant map
       submitted by Kevin Hodgson

    I want to experiment with a collaborative map here. Can you try to pin yourself on this #clmooc #map and maybe add a six word biography? (Note: I believe I made the map public and editable by anyone, but you may need to be logged into a Google account, which I assume you are if you are here. Let me know if it goes OK for you or not. Thanks)

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