Create an Audio Soundscape Story

Create an Audio Soundscape Story

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This Make was created by Kevin Hodgson



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Soundscape stories unfold through the active ears of the listener, as the stories are constructed entirely in sound effects and audio files of the surroundings. Much like one plans out a written story, a soundscape composer must carefully choose and sequence sounds so that the clips are threaded together. While one could certainly record their own audio files for use in a Soundscape story, some sites also offer up files for use, including Freesound.org. A sound editing tool — such as the open-source Audacity or Mac-based Garageband — allows you to stitch the sounds together to create an audio story.


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  1. #HearMyHome
       submitted by Karen Fasimpaur

    Examining everyday people produced soundscapes, #hearmyhome is an open learning experience that explores how hearing difference and listening to communities can re-educate the senses and attune us towards cultural difference. This site has a wealth of resources that are useful in thinking through and developing soundscape stories.