3D printing and fabrication

3D printing and fabrication

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This Make was created by Rachelle Galang with Karen Fasimpaur

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3D printing is a way to fabricate three dimensional parts by laying down successive layers of material under computer control.

3D printing has become a popular maker activity. What can you do with it in your learning environment?


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4 Examples Completed for this Make

  1. 3-D Printing Conic Sections
       submitted by Patrick Greeley

    This is a lesson that asks students to create & 3-D print their own conic sections. It's designed as an introduction to conic sections and to help students understand why they are called conic sections.

  2. Digital Story with 3D Scribbler Pen and iMotion
       submitted by Tori Howe

    Encourage another outlet for students to share their writing by creating a digital story using 3D Scribbler Pens and the stop-motion animation video app, iMotion!

  3. Creating 3-D Figures Using a 3-D Pen
       submitted by Kelly Fulks

    Make geometric math learning more meaningful for students by incorporating 3-D Scribbler Pens to create 2-D and 3-D figures.

  4. Converting and Resizing with 3D printing
       submitted by Rachelle Galang

    Upper Elementary students can learn measurement and scaling through the prototyping process of 3D design. Lesson plan: http://missgalang.wordpress.com/maker-lesson/

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