An introduction to string games

An introduction to string games

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A five minute on lesson the Karuk Fish Spear, a three step figure I usually use as the first thing to teach to young kids. It’s a hack in the sense that’s it’s on YouTube, not in person, and is also an excerpt from a Teachers Teaching Teachers session I asked for after the wonderful session Paul led on Mine Craft, which got me thinking that I should add this meat space game I love so much to cyber space. And it’s a #toyhack in the sense that string is one of The Five Greatest Toys of All Time.


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  1. Star Weaving String Art
       submitted by Fred Mindlin

    These are made by Fred Mindlin from card and coloured thread. They would make lovely Xmas tree decs as well.

  2. Collaborative games
       submitted by Fred Mindlin

    An example of a collaborative string game for 3 or more people

  3. Make a polygon out of string with any group of three or more!
       submitted by Fred Mindlin

    Simple instructions, with one illustrating photograph, showing how to make a polygon with as many sides as you have people in your group (of at least three), and then to transform the polygon into a star with as many points as sides. Beautiful, and fun, and a great group “equalizer”–each person needs to be equi-distant and balance the tension on the string with the rest of the group.

  4. TTT#296 Fred Mindlin and String Art
       submitted by Fred Mindlin and Paul Allison

    Teachers Teaching Teachers #296 – Fred Mindlin and String Art – May 9, 2012 – Fred Mindlin, Denise Colby, Diana Maliszewski, Chad Sansing, Gail Desler, Lacy Manship, Kelsey Shelhart, Paul Allison

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